Cosmic Serenity II 🌠

A mosaic of thoughts, a puzzle pieced in art, Each fragment tells a tale, a pattern from the heart. In the canvas of her face, the night sky softly glows, Adorned with stars that whisper, a universe that flows.

Enjoy 12,480 Morkie Token or 300% Apr per day by staking this nft. 🔥

About This NFT

  1. • Mint on Polygon
  2. • Max 1 Per Wallet
  3. • Total Mint: Loading.../500
  4. • Contract Address↗

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Morkie is a dynamic digital space where NFTs evolve into your distinctive strengths

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NFTs are safe when bought on Blokchain, they cannot be stolen if users properly secure.

Complete transparency

Transparency in a process involves it being completely visible and open to scrutiny, so that it's clear.


Morkie is designed to cater to users with no prior experience or expertise in the NFT space.